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We are striving to collect and present only the finest offers from trusted partners and do our best to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Preskok is specialized in buying/selling new and young used cars of all brands. We can help you get good package prices to order or sell you cars from our own stock. If you are a loan company or a car rental business, an official or independent dealer, an agent or a sales person we are able to organize complete purchase or sale. We organize the entire logistics from eventual customs clearance to transport including all needed documentation. With our holistic approach, we make sure you have time to do what matters the most for your company. We are active and can deliver in whole continental EU and Scandinavia as well as in some countries outside EU.

With our passion in IT and business optimization we have developed a unique information system, to which you can connect and have easy access to all your history with us from first to last sale. You can see in user friendly way complete data for all cars purchased from us including easy access to all scanned documents of the cars you have bought. Everything is of course accessible for you exclusively via password-protected portal for B2B car remarketing:

According to our customers, we have best document delivery experience, where we use our automatic document system, which enables us very quick and quality processing of all documentation.
A team of  25 young but experienced professionals, each responsible for his/her area will offer you a prompt service in sales, purchase, transport or administration of your cars, using all latest information technology tools at their disposal. Our 16 years of experience and strong partnerships, testify to quality of our services that are aimed at providing our partners (buyers, suppliers and others) with best possible value for money and our strong commitment to deliver on our promises.

Discover CarMarket is an exceptional product powered by cutting-edge AI and machine learning technologies. It boasts a vast database of vehicles spanning the European market. Our advanced algorithms continually refine and update this database, ensuring the provision of up-to-date and accurate information on available vehicles across all markets.

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