The Preskok team consists out of young, technologically skilled and highly motivated people with long term experience in the field of B2B car remarketing.
For any further information do not hesitate to contact us and we will be pleased to help you.

Željko Radilović

CEO Phone: +38641768693Skype: zeljkicE-mail:

Matjaž Križnar

Business Director Phone: +38641718631Skype: matjaz.kriznarE-mail:

Urška Ferlic

Head of HR Phone: +386 (0)31 842 799 Skype: ursaf.preskokE-mail:

Andrej Sibila

Sales Consultant Phone: +38664128567Skype: andrej.preskokE-mail:

Gregor Bevc

Sales Consultant Phone: +38651630415Skype: gregorb.preskokE-mail:

Robert Golob

Sales Consultant Phone: +38641664083Skype: robert.preskokE-mail:

Saša Maček Firm

Sales Consultant Phone: +38630640991Skype: sasaf.preskokE-mail:

Benoit Saulnier

Sales Consultant Phone: +38630388449Skype: benoits.preskokE-mail:

Sergej Hoareau

Sales Consultant Phone: +386 (0)40 313 029Skype: sergej_301E-mail:

Marco Muhrer-Schwaiger

Sales Consultant Phone: +49 (0)157 8059 1889Skype: Marco MSE-mail:

Berenice Schwarz

Editorial team E-mail:

Rok Teraž

Editorial team E-mail:

Blažka Breznikar

Editorial team E-mail:

Nino Kozul

Auction manager platform coordinator Skype: nino.kozul@preskok.netE-mail:

Jožica Skube

Logistic Phone: +386 (0)1 230 15 75Skype: jozica.skubeE-mail:

Kaja Kosem

Logistic Phone: +386 (0)1 230 15 75Skype: kajak.preskokE-mail:

Luka Mrhar

Logistic Phone: +38670256095Skype: luka.mrharE-mail:

Živa Gašperšič Knific

Head of Administration Phone: +386 (0)1 230 15 75Skype: ziva.knificE-mail:

Nina Meglič

Administration Phone: +386 (0)1 230 15 75Skype: nina.meglic.preskokE-mail:

Nuša Kuhar

Administration Phone: +386 (0)1 230 15 75Skype: nusa.kuharE-mail:

Jan Mrhar

CTO Skype: jan.preskokE-mail:

Mišo Savčić

Project Manager/Scrum Master E-mail:

Staš Strozak

DevOps E-mail:

Kristjan Hoareau

Backend developer E-mail:

Marko Lavrinec

Backend developer E-mail:

Tadej Miklavčič

Backend developer E-mail:

Jan Kužnik

Backend developer E-mail:

Matija Kogovšek

Frontend developer E-mail:

Matej Vehar

Backend developer E-mail:

Matea Lenček

Backend developer E-mail:

Jure Grandovec

Junior Software Developer E-mail:

Gregor Gabrič

Junior Software Developer E-mail:

Tamara Golobič

Frontend developer E-mail:

Andraž Bajec

Backend developer E-mail:

Vid Bukovec

Junior Software Developer E-mail:

Danijel Daskijević

QA Engineer E-mail:

Aljaž Vaupotič

Data Engineer E-mail: